Documentary photography


I thought that all of this was just going to be so easy, plan what I wanted to do, get a camera, point, shoot and hey presto all would be good.

However it is more difficult than I thought. I chose the theme of emigration as my friend is emigrating. It has been really difficult to see her house lose all the sense of personality that made it truly her house, but Saturday night I watched as she gave her two beloved dogs to others before her big move. I really wanted to take those photos but I didn’t get as many as I wanted. I put down my camera and went to give her a big hug. I felt like I was intruding in the whole situation. This must be the dilemma that documentary photographers must face every time they do a shoot: get the image or support the person. I could really get into a whole dispute about ethics here but at the end of the day it is all about what feels right to do at the time and in this particular case I did what I could.


Tim Brown: Tales of creativity and play

This talk is all about play and creativity.

I wonder would our lovely lecturers love the finger blasters?
I think that we are all creative beings who just need the nudge in the right direction and I am hoping that the Digital Media course will be the nudge for me.

WordPress Android App

So I have just downloaded the Android app for this craic. I like the reader but as for posting it’s just like texting & I’m no fan of texting too much.
The app interface is a bit more paired back so it is a little easier to get around.
I’m glad I found it though as I can now keep up with all you guys with the reader. All new posts show up in the Reader. Reminds me a little of Twitter with more words!
Try it out for yourselves! O(∩_∩)O

So now onto the Polls

Here is another little test. It expires in one month so you better get in and vote!!!

New Media Production

Second Class tonight.

This WordPress lark can get quite confusing alright but for the past week I have actually spent the time just pointing the mouse and clicking. Sometimes I have ended up in places where I didn’t intend to go but it’s all about the journey. Sometimes going the way one did not intend to go can be a massive and interesting adventure in itself. I am trying not to get frustrated with working my way around WordPress but sometimes it is difficult. I think the people who are developing it could do with making things a little more intuitive but that is not going to solve my wrong turns at the moment.

Here is to a wonderful adventure taking the wrong turns around the world of blogs.

 Now on with the galleries….

Sketchbook time

I got the sketchbook so now the work starts in earnest I guess. I am busily looking around for photos that interest me in some way and of course I am thinking what the hell did we do before the internet. I really like this guy Kenneth O’Halloran (his website ) and his series entitled ‘Life After Death’. A lot of the photos remind me of my father especially this one and also this one . My father was of the same generation with a very similar set of moral values and I think that O’Halloran shows this in his work. I the viewer pick up on this I think would be my aim for the documentary photography project. I want the viewer to relate to what is in the photo and even perhaps be able to relate it to their own lives.

There are loads more photos but not enough time in the day so back to the sketchbook for a while. Now if I could just get my printer to work properly……