Documentary photography


I thought that all of this was just going to be so easy, plan what I wanted to do, get a camera, point, shoot and hey presto all would be good.

However it is more difficult than I thought. I chose the theme of emigration as my friend is emigrating. It has been really difficult to see her house lose all the sense of personality that made it truly her house, but Saturday night I watched as she gave her two beloved dogs to others before her big move. I really wanted to take those photos but I didn’t get as many as I wanted. I put down my camera and went to give her a big hug. I felt like I was intruding in the whole situation. This must be the dilemma that documentary photographers must face every time they do a shoot: get the image or support the person. I could really get into a whole dispute about ethics here but at the end of the day it is all about what feels right to do at the time and in this particular case I did what I could.


3 thoughts on “Documentary photography

  1. animalstripes123 says:

    Very sad, I suppose it’s a sign of the times. A lovely piece capturing the emotion and … the dilemma!!

  2. It is not the nicest place to be – behind the camera trying to document what is a very difficult time for her and her family. I felt like a real paparazzi. 😦 I tried to be somewhat inconspicuous but it’s not that easy. Hopefully this will be all worth it.

  3. animalstripes123 says:

    i’m sure it will be worth it! Tough topic but worthy.
    I agree, it’s not easy, I found being behind a camera slightly embarrassing, especially in a public place.. also intrusive even with permission from my subject. I quickly took the shots and flew 🙂

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