Sketchbook time

I got the sketchbook so now the work starts in earnest I guess. I am busily looking around for photos that interest me in some way and of course I am thinking what the hell did we do before the internet. I really like this guy Kenneth O’Halloran (his website ) and his series entitled ‘Life After Death’. A lot of the photos remind me of my father especially this one and also this one . My father was of the same generation with a very similar set of moral values and I think that O’Halloran shows this in his work. I the viewer pick up on this I think would be my aim for the documentary photography project. I want the viewer to relate to what is in the photo and even perhaps be able to relate it to their own lives.

There are loads more photos but not enough time in the day so back to the sketchbook for a while. Now if I could just get my printer to work properly……



2 thoughts on “Sketchbook time

  1. Thanks for the link to the Kenneth O’Halloran site, Deborah. Great compositional stuff on the Kenneth O’halloran site especially the one you mentioned of the guy with his feet in the oven! It’s just the kind of photo opportunity I’d be looking for in the class project!

    • I especially like the one where he has his feet in the oven range because my Dad used to do that on winter nights when he came in from milking the cows.
      This series has also prompted me to ask my mother if she would be the subject of the ‘Day in the Life’ project. I’m working on that one at present. I’ll keep you posted.

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