Photography Overload

Wow what a day!!

Well what can I say, long, VERY interesting, thought provoking, warm rooms, dead battery, missing SD card, brain on overload, new Flicker account, thoughts’ flying, coveting cameras, looking through different eyes and lots more.

Here is a copy of what I done in the lab. Credit for the photo goes to Siobhan I guess, I just did some of the editing work on it. Photoshop can do soooo much.


I really enjoyed getting outside and having a look around to find the elusive letters. I have put some of the photos up on my new Flicker account where my username is DebraDonovan. I found that I was getting sucked in closer and closer to items to try and find some of those elusive letters. I caught myself and had to pretty much tell myself to stand back and look all around. The shapes, textures and light I wanted could be found everywhere not just by looking closer and closer at the things around me. I have to remember to look at the big picture also, not to get absorbed with the closer and closer approach.

It almost felt like reading a good book. The more involved I get with a book the closer I bring it to my face, the more hunched my back gets, the smaller my body gets. Imagine curling up on the couch with that book (really curled up). I had somewhat of the same sensation when I was out getting those photographs yesterday. The more I was getting into it the more I was kneeling, bending, arching and moving in order to get that shot. I think I got a few that might be worthy of the final pick. I will have to wait and see.

Even though I did not pick up a camera today I still found myself looking out for interesting angles, shapes and stuff in general that could make that shot happen. I was so wiped after yesterday I thought I needed a day to refresh but it has crept up on me. I am looking at everything now.

Note to self: Bring camera everywhere!! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Photography Overload

  1. computersforallblog says:

    Great first blog, I echo your sentiments.

  2. computersforallblog says:

    Oh and I tried to find you on Flickr using DebraDonovan and can’t find you?

    • I had this problem at the start too. Go into Contacts (on the ribbbon at the top you will see Flickr, You and then Contacts) and click on Add Contact. Scroll down to the end of that page then type in my Flickr name and search. I’m writing this from memory as my internet connection at home is shockingly bad so it takes a week and a half for the Flickr page to load. I hope it is correct.

  3. Really liked these words. I enjoyed the way the exercise made me look closer and closer at things.

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