Digital Media here I come

So tonight has been the first night that I have attended the Digital Media course in the IT. I am very excited to be doing this course and looking forward to my upcoming creativity.

Her is a picture of a dragonfly I found in my back yard.Image

I am looking forward to meeting and talking to you all.



5 thoughts on “Digital Media here I come

  1. nelliekate says:

    singing owl city firefly song now… great song…‎
    nellie kate (noelle)

  2. computersforallblog says:

    Are you living in Africa that you have insects such as this in your back garden!

    • On one day last year there were three of these wonderful dragondflies in my back gardern (which in reality is like an overgrown field or a wildflower garden, sounds better). It was really sunny so I took the oppurtunity and took the photos with my little holidaysnapper. I took hundreds and in the end came out with about 4-5 good photos.
      Since then I have been concious of all that is out there in my ‘wildflower garden/field’. It is amazing what can be seen out there, flowers, plants, insects and the odd appearance by the phesants around the place. I have yet to snap a good photo of the phesants. I have heard foxes quite a bit but again I’ve not photoed them. All in goo time as they say.

  3. marygsheehan says:

    great blog con grads.

    • Thanks a million. Sometimes I feel like I just spew a load of stuff onto a page. However this experience has been great to improve my confidence and creativity around writing which is great.

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